Dr Uthman Lateef – Overcoming depression

Dr Uthman Lateef – Overcoming depression


untiled4325Al-Ihsan Projects presented another exciting event in Slough during December ’15 entitles ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’. The team invited two speakers, one of whom was a resident speaker and teacher, Dr Uthman Lateef and the second, a well know personality in the Muslim community, Hamza Tzortzis. With the event oversubscribed and the venue filled soon after doors opened; the vibe was one of positive energy and a welcoming atmosphere; true to the Al-Ihsan Projects tradition.

Dr Uthman Lateef started off the line up, focusing on the topic of how one can overcome depression, achieve contentment in one’s life and becoming more appreciative of what the Almighty has given the Muslims, especially in the UK. He also provided some poignant reminders to help us contextualise, our personal states in comparison to those, who had far bigger challenges in their lives.

This lecture was extremely beneficial and provided the audience with an insight into how certain types of anxieties could be remedied. Dr Uthman explained, in a very methodical manner, the steps that should be taken to tackle obstacles which impede on our spirituality, causing us to be distracted from focusing on our worship and religious enrichment. The end goal being, in sha Allah, one that annihilates depression from ones life and allows individuals to become more productive.

Speaker: Dr. Uthman Lateef

Dr. Uthman Lateef has a BA (First Class Hons) in History, an MA (Dist.) in Crusader Studies, and has completed a PhD in ‘The Place of Fada’il al-Quds (The Merits of Jerusalem) and Religious Poetry in the Muslim effort to recapture Jerusalem during the Crusades’. Currently, he is a khateeb at Stoke Poges Lane Mosque and Islamic Centre, Slough. He is in the process of publishing his PhD thesis and is currently conducting post-doctorate research in International Relations (‘The effect of war media iconography on US identity: disruptive images, counter-hegemony and political syncretism’). He presents a weekly show on Islam Channel (813), ‘The Greatest Generation’ and is a speaker at mosques and universities in the UK and internationally.

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