See below speakers who have worked with us in the past.

Speaker:Dr. Uthman Lateef

Dr. Uthman Lateef has a BA (First Class Hons) in History, an MA (Dist.) in Crusader Studies, and has completed a PhD in ‘The Place of Fada’il al-Quds (The Merits of Jerusalem) and Religious Poetry in the Muslim effort to recapture Jerusalem during the Crusades’. Currently, he is a khateeb at Stoke Poges Lane Mosque and Islamic Centre, Slough. He is in the process of publishing his PhD thesis and is currently conducting post-doctorate research in International Relations (‘The effect of war media iconography on US identity: disruptive images, counter-hegemony and political syncretism’). He presents a weekly show on Islam Channel (813), ‘The Greatest Generation’ and is a speaker at mosques and universities in the UK and internationally.

Speaker:Hamza Tzortzis

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis is an international public speaker on Islam, a writer, lecturer, instructor and researcher. He is particularly interested in Islam, politics, western and Islamic thought and philosophy.

Hamza delivers workshops, seminars and courses on the foundations of Islamic thought. He is an instructor for iERA and AlKauthar Institute. Hamza has also delivered a short course on the intellectual foundations of Islam for the Islamic Online University for their Diploma course.

Hamza is one of the main initiators of the contemporary emergence of Muslim public debaters and speakers using western and Islamic philosophy to defend and explain Islam. Hamza heads the research team and Lectures for iERA.

Speaker:Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

Shaykh Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari is a traditionally-trained Islamic scholar who has studied the Arabic language and various other traditional Islamic sciences including Qur’anic exegesis (tafsir), Hadith and Fiqh in different parts of the world including the UK, Pakistan and Syria. His Shuyukh/teachers include his father, Shaykh Mawlana Adam, Shaykh Yusuf Motala, Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, Shaykh Abd al-Razzaq al-Halabi and others. He has received authorizations (ijazahs) in various Islamic disciplines including the six major collections of Hadith and the science of issuing religious verdicts (Fatwa).

Speaker:Shaykh Ahmed Ali

Born in Azad Kashmir in 1971 Shaykh Ahmad Ali came to the U.K. at the tender age of 6. In 1986 Shaykh enrolled at Darul Uloom Al Arabiya Al Islamiya, Bury, the main nucleus of Islamic studyin Europe at the time. During his time in Darul Uloom, Shaykh excelled in his studies undertaking an intensive study of many Islamic sciences including Arabic, Quranic Tafseer, Hadeeth, Fiqh and Aqeedah.  the Middle East, Madina. Here he studied at Al Jamiiyah al Islamiyah. Following this Shaykh Ahmad Ali studied in Al Jamiyah al Islamiyah University (Madinah) and Azhar University (Cairo), specialising in Hadeeth. Having journeyed through many lands in order to substantiate this zeal for knowledge, Shaykh returned to the U.K.

Speaker:Shaykh Hasan Ali

Shaykh Hasan Ali graduated in 1997 as a scholar/Alim in Islamic education, in addition to gaining a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology at the Institute of Education (University of London) in 2006.

Shaykh Hasan Ali is a well-known and reputable figure in North London, where he carries out a lot of voluntary work within the local community, such as local mosques and community centres, secondary schools, interfaith programmes and various community events. He has also been a pillar of support and advice to the local community, providing services and delivering jummah\\’s (friday sermons) and inspirational lectures at various mosques across North London, in particular London Islamic Cultural Society (LICS), Edmonton Islamic Centre (EIC) and the Muslim Community and Education Centre (MCEC).

Speaker:Shaykh Navaid Aziz

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec Sh Navaid is a man of many cultures and flavours. He completed an Associate’s degree in Commerce and Social Sciences before heading to the illustrious Islamic University of Madinah. Sh. Navaid went on to complete a diploma in the Arabic language as well as a Bachelors in Shari’ah (Islamic Law), with a specialization in Fiqh and Usul Al-Fiqh.

Upon returning to North America Sh. Navaid joined the speakers circuit and has travelled the world lecturing and teaching. He serves the Muslim community as a family and youth counselor. As a strong advocator for a bright Muslim future he is the Islamic editor for Recess Kids magazine in North America and Little Explorers magazine in the United Kingdom.

Speaker:Shaykh Yusuf Ahmed Az-Zhahaby

Shaykh Yusuf Ahmed AZ Zahaby initiated his Islamic studies at one of the oldest Islamic seminaries within the UK, Darul uloom Birmingham. After his initial few years at Darul uloom Birmingham the Shaykh furthered his studies at Darul uloom Burry. Shaykh Yusuf Ahmed studied under many illustrious scholars obtaining an array of ijazas (license to teach) with sanad (an unbroken chain of permission to teach traced back to the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

After graduating as an Alim Shaykh Yusuf Ahmed decided to further expand his studies on contemporary issues under the tutelage of the renowned hadith scholar Shaykh Abdullah Yusaf Al Judai, whilst also obtaining ijazas from the Grand Mufti of Damascus and others. 

Speaker:Shaykh Zahir Mahmood

Shaykh Zahir Mahmood was born in England and has gained licences to teach (Ijaazas) in many Islamic Sciences including Quran, Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Traditions (Hadith) of The Prophet (Salallahu alayhi wasalam) from various Shuyukh.

Following the completion of his formal state education at the age of 16, he enrolled at Dar al-Uloom al-Arabiyya al-Islamiyya, Bury, where he initiated his studies of the Alimiya course. Thereafter, he studied 3 years in the prestigious seat of learning al-Jamia al-Islamiyya, Karachi, Pakistan.

He went on to complete his Alimiya course at the pioneering Dar al-Uloom Newcastle, South Africa, which has since been used as a template for other seats of learning in the region. Here, the Shaykh’s studies included a detailed analysis of Sahih al-Bukhari with the renowned Scholar Shaykh Qasim Seema.

The Shaykh then moved on to set up his own institute in Birmingham by the name of As-Suffa Institute and he is currently teaching there. He has endeavoured to reach out to the youth both locally and nationally by travelling throughout the country delivering talks and lectures in order to motivate the Muslim masses to become the best of people.

Speaker:Sheikh Abdul Hadi Arwani

The Sheikh graduated with a B.A. Hons from the Faculty of Shariah in Jordan and specialises in the field of Quran, Usool Al Fiqh and Fiqh. He is a specialist in Hanafi Fiqh and has taught Al Ikhtiyaar and Nur Al Idah over the last 3 years in concentrated study circles based in Slough and West London. The Ustadh is currently the Imam of Masjid Al Noor in Acton and teaches extensively on shariah degree programme at other institutes. In recent years he has taught Ibn Hajr’s Buloogh Al Maram (the attainment of the objective according to the ordinances of the shariah), Sahih Bukhari and Uloom Al Qu’ran. The sheikh is an authority on Marriage contracts and Divorce law (according to Islam) in London.

Speaker:Ustadh Abu Rumaysah Refi Shafi

Ustadh Abu Rumaysah Refi Shaafi was born and brought up in High Wycombe. He studies with Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad and Shaykh Abu AbdiRahman Al-Libee. He graduated from Imperial College from the faculty of Computer Sciences. He is currently a Java Programmer Manager. He is the chairman for the WISE (Wycombe Islamic Society). He is very active in his local community especially with his Masjid and working with youth via Islamic Scouts He has translated a number of books such as The criterion between the friends of Allah and the friends of shaytan, The relief from distress (the dua of Yunus Alayhisalam, both by Ibn Taymiyyah and many others. He has also written an explanation of Surah Al-Faatiha called ‘The spiritual cure.’ He currently gives weekly circles in High Wycombe and Watford. He is also a Lecturer for MRDF.

Speaker:Yusha Evans

Yusha Evans was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina in a very conservative Christian home. In the summer of 1996 his life changed. Upon studying the bible from cover to cover and realizing many things were askew, and a lot of what he believed his entire life was not in line with what his research found, he left Christianity and went in search of the truth. After many twist and turns, ups and downs and after looking at the many world religions searching for the tangible proof of the right way of life he encountered a Muslim, and was given a Qur’an. After reading the Qur’an cover to cover he accepted Islam in the winter of 1998.

Yusha Evans Currently works as a full-time lecturer and caller to Islam, as well as teaching workshops that have taken him all across the globe. He is the founder and co-founder of two Islamic television stations in North America as well has appeared on many Islamic stations throughout the world. He has studied under numerous teachers and scholars in the various sciences of Islam and is a Psychology major. He is currently studying under Shaykh Waleed Al-Menesse, one of the worlds foremost Scholars in the Qur’an and its various sciences.