About Al-Ihsan Projects

“Al-Ihsan Projects is a Slough based grass roots organisation which aspires to revitalise the spirit of Islam in the most inclusive way. We have a dedicated team of volunteers from all walks of life who are striving to provide a rich message of faith and community through the events and projects we undertake. Among our core principles is the commitment to offer a broad base of community and educational services which aim to break down the sectarian, and often times volatile, barriers that segment the faithful Muslim community.”

At Al-Ihsan Projects, we encourage all members of the Slough and wider community to engage with the core values of Justice, Equality and deep rooted Knowledge that are the inherent values of Islam. These values are reflected in the thought and nuance that forms the bedrock of all educational endeavours run by Al-Ihsan Projects. Our lecturers and speakers cover the full breadth of our rich religious tradition and their sustained focus is on those non-divisive issues which are the sure way to reviving the spirit of Islam in its truest nature. We are committed to encouraging the community to re-engage with those values which by agreement account for the inner core of Islam. Thus, we have and will continue to provide an avenue through which our community can gain a deep-rooted appreciation of mutual respect, God consciousness (Taqwa), religious striving (Mujahada), presence of spirit in worship (Khushu) and all related matters which are the heart and essence of our faith.

The concept of ‘Ihsan’ in the Islamic tradition is the directive from Allah ‘azza wa jall and His beloved Messenger sallallaahu ‘alahi wa sallam for all Muslims to strive for excellence in our affairs. The team here at Al-Ihsan Projects is committed to the intention that our efforts will prove successful even if only one person is able to draw nearer to Allah ‘azza wa jall through the mediation of our initiatives. We encourage you all to benefit from the lectures and courses that we endeavour to provide and we request your many prayers for the success of our efforts. We hope that by participating in our courses and by encouraging others also, the light of Islam may shine brighter in our communities.