aboutAl-Ihsan Projects is a non-profit grassroots organisation which has been established to help address the important social issues facing the Slough community. Al-Ihsan strives to provide a rich variety of lectures and short courses on central religious topics. Our aim is to inspire the Muslim community to develop a deep and profound relationship with Allah azza wa jal and His beloved Messenger ‘alaihi al-salaam. Al-Ihsan Projects prides itself in bringing a multitude of Scholars from different backgrounds in the hope of creating a true spirit of tolerance and unity. We pray that everyone is able to take benefit from the events and courses that are on offer and share in our vision for a better future.

The Life of Umar ibn Al Khattab (RA)

He was one of the greatest of conquerors, a wise administrator, a just ruler, and a man of piety. The second of the rightly guided caliphs series focuses on the life of this great sahabi Umar ibn Al-Khattab (RA). His life was preoccupied with serving others and being steadfast on the truth. Shaykh Yusuf Ahmed…


The life of Abu Bakr (RA)

Al- Ihsan Projects was honoured to welcome for the first time the eradicate scholar, Shaykh Ahmed Ali, to commence the much anticipated guided caliphs series. This, the first instalment of the series, began with the first caliph of the muslims, Sayyiduna Abu Bakr As-Siddique (RA). The shaykh presented, with great flair and elegance, a heart-warming…

Pray before you are prayed upon

Pray before you are prayed upon

Yushua Evans is a renowned international speaker who has delivered amazing lectures highlighting his critical and enlightening journey to Islam. In his present world tour, Yushua draws an end to the lecture circuit here in Slough by delivering a dynamic talk on the value and importance of Salah (prayer). The talk is truly inspirational with…

Al-Ihsan Projects completed their annual iftaar for the community of Slough with a reminder delivered by Dr UthmanLateef, ‘
As a second instalment and continuation of the series titled ‘Jewels of Islam’ Dr Uthman turns our attention to the life
Yushua Evans is a renowned international speaker who has delivered amazing lectures highlighting his critical...
Dr Uthman Lateef is a learned and eloquent teacher, researcher and activist native to our community in Slough. In delivering