About Al-Ihsan Projects

Al-Ihsan Projects is a non-profit grass-roots organisation which has been established to benefit the Slough community. Al-Ihsan Projects strives to provide a rich variety of lectures and short courses on central religious topics. Our aim is to inspire the Muslim community to develop a deep and profound relationship with Allah azza wa jal and His beloved Messenger ‘alaihi al-salaam. Al-Ihsan Projects prides itself in bringing a multitude of Scholars from different backgrounds in the hope of creating a true spirit of tolerance and unity. We pray that everyone is able to take benefit from the events and courses that are on offer and share in our vision for a better future.

Latest Events

Dr Uthman Lateef – Insights from Surah Yusuf Course

Insights to Surah YusufOur resident instructor, Dr Uthman Lateef, delivered his first rendition in Slough, an exegeses of Surah Yusuf. This 4 week course was delivered to an enthused audience who enjoyed a unique journey through this beautiful chapter from the Glorious Quran. The sessions provided the students with a deeper understanding of the Surah, allowing them to gain comprehension and appreciation in a quite appropriately timed fashion, just before the blessed month of Ramadhan. Giving the students ample time to reflect upon the verses and thus enjoying them ever more, especially when heard during Taraweeh prayers or recitation of the Almighty's words.

What attendees had to say:

Alhamdulillah it was very good! I enjoyed it a lot.

It was my first experience of any class/function with this group, Al-Ihsan & I found it to be very positive & professional in all its conduct, Alhumdulillah. I will in future look out for further classes & would happily recommend to friends & family.

Alhamdulilah, I have been attending such gatherings for the past 5 or so years and have to say as amazing as they all are, mashAllah, Nothing has been quite as engaging, and touching as this course has been. Dr Lateef really has a way of relating to lessons to the issues we all go through.

Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla – I got it Covered

11024713_468080816677622_848510634137305463_nAl-Ihsan Projects were delighted to have a leading female scholar, Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla (daughter of the very learned and well respected Mufti Barkatulla), visit Slough for the first time, to deliver an essential discourse on the topic of Hijab. The lecture covered how Hijab venerated and liberated women in their societies both historically, in Islamic societies, as well contemporary times, especially in the West. The event, held on the 7th March’15, was received with much anticipation due to the sensitivity of the topic and the misunderstandings by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Ustadha Fatima addressed the misconceptions and fallacies attributed to the concept of Hijab, rectifying the Islamic position and the moral obligations associated with this. The audience were very grateful for the opportunity to learn and appreciate the spirit and jurisprudence behind why the Muslimah adopts the sacred ritual of donning the Hijab. The attendees left the lecture feeling satiated and nurtured enough to tackle Hijab related obstacles they may face. We wish that Ustadha Fatima returns to Slough soon, so that the community and the Al-Ihsan Projects team can benefit from her again, God willing.